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Sa. 18.11.
Einlass 19 Uhr
Beginn 20 Uhr
Vvk 25 € (+ Gebühren)

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Jake Isaac is at the forefront of a British soul renaissance that has grown by stealth. Friends like JP Cooper, Jacob Banks (who sings over the semi-classical arrangement of D-Low) and Michael Kiwanuka are doing similar things, albeit each in their own way: aiming for lyrical honesty and finding the emotion in the music to complement it.
Jake Isaac started his musical journey in church, inspired by his father, Rev. Les Isaac OBE, the founder of the Brixton community charity initiative Street Pastors. Cultivating his multi-instrumentalist skills over the years, music was immediately his path and his career started in his teens as a musician, songwriter and marketeer - all of which underlined to him the importance of making a connection with your songs. Debuting with the ‘Our Lives’ album in 2017, Jake’s subsequent highlights have included the 2021 release of his second album ‘Honesty’ (followed by a Deluxe Edition) and a landmark show on Glastonbury’s Other Stage - leading to over 150 million streams to date.

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Jake Isaac